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Here we share questions from customers just like you.

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  • Q: Is Baby Bits™ wipes solution safe to use with cloth diapers? Can the wipes that have been sprayed with this solution be washed with the cloth diapers?
    A: ABSOLUTELY! Baby Bits™ wipes solution is safe to use with all types of cloth diapers and cloth wipes. You can wash the wipes sprayed with Baby Bits™ wipes solution with your cloth diapers. No residue is left on the cloth.
  • Q: Will the oils in this solution effect the absorbency of my cloth diaper?
    A: No. Baby Bits™ wipes solution will not affect the absorbency of any style of cloth diapers or cloth wipes when used to clean skin at each diaper change. Baby Bits™ is designed specifically for cloth diapering sensitive skin and works great with all cloth wipes and cloth diapers. It is a cleansing solution for the skin. It is not a laundering product for cloth diapers.
  • Q: Can Baby Bits™ be used in a wipes warmer?
    A: YES! We recommend using a wipes warmer to make and store Baby Bits™ wipes solution. Just fill the wipes warmer with 3-4 cups of water and add 3 – 4 Baby Bits™ cubes. The cubes dissolve to make a sweet smelling cleansing solution. Use the solution to the last drop and repeat.
  • TIP! We like to stack DRY clean wipes outside of the warmer and dip them into the solution as needed. NEVER double dip your wipes or your solution will get contaminated.
  • Q: Are Baby Bits™ vegan, gluten and animal friendly?
    A: YES! Baby Bits™ are made with pure plant derived ingredients. No dairy. No wheat. No soy. No animal products.
  • Q: What are the ingredients in Baby Bits™ wipes solution?
    A: Baby Bits™ are made of 100% Vegetarian Ingredients: coconut oil glycerin soap, organic plantain & chickweed herbs, virgin olive oil, pure essential oil of tea tree and lavender.
  • Q: I’ve been using Baby Bits™ on my son and love them! But recently I read that lavender and tea tree oil should not be used on little boys. Now I’m panicked. Do you have any information about this?
    A: We sure do!
    We are confident our product is safe to use on all types of skin. We created our product for use on our twin boys in 2003 without incident. Thousands of people around the world have been using Baby Bits™ wipes solution without complaints since. Robert Tisserand, a renowned aromatherapy specialist and co-author of Essential Oil Safety: A Guide for Health Care Professionals” states, “Neither lavender oil nor tea tree oil can be linked to breast growth in young boys.”
    Inaccurate information is so easily disseminated on the internet. Please click here for a trusted source for accurate essential oil facts —